An Online tool for Digital Banking Insights

Project Challenge

A Fintech research company challenged our team to create an online application that would help their clients find answers to vital questions about the Digital Banking market.

Digital Banking is a competitive market and financial institutions need to be able to understand a complete view of their customers’ user experience to remain relevant. Our client needed to help their customers improve their products and services and therefore market share. The challenge was delivering this functionality in a way that optimises the user experience and provides more specific, relevant data.

The main features requested were:

  1. Benchmarking customers’ features against competitors.
  2. Revealing insights into competitors’ app development.
  3. Uncovering a competitor’s user journey process in different channels.


The application was designed to utilise our client’s data and insights to enhance their customers’ user experience.

This app helps our clients’ customers research the global banking landscape by viewing competitors’ features and functionalities easily in one place.

The application can compare multiple features for several competitors with just a few clicks.

Mapa’s outputs help financial institutions understand and exceed users’ expectations by revising or adding features and UI, thereby increasing market share and boosting revenue, helping them better compete in the Digital Banking market.

Mapa sample report for mobile current accounts.


This project is something we are very proud of. By creating internal efficiencies and client satisfaction through the use of technology, we are inspired to continually strive for further improvements and future achievements.

Our client achieved their goal of an easy to use product with a complex feature set. Users can easily analyse and compare the products in the Digital Banking marketplace.

Our client can provide their customers with a detailed competitor analysis of features offered by financial institutions.

Internally, analysts appreciate the friendly and easy to use interface improving their daily working routine.


Laravel, React, Wordpress, Mysql, PostCSS, Webpack, Redux, Amazon S3

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