Financial Institutions Price Comparison Engine

Project Challenge

The U.S. fintech company engaged ASD to develop a comparison engine for multiple financial institutions products prices.

The challenge was to provide different financial institutions with the opportunity to compete with the leading market players by using price comparison platform data. This engine supposed to ease and fasten the initial price and conditions research and analysis for about 14000 U.S. local small and medium institutions.

The platform had to perform big data search and provide the most relevant results for each query making each decision data-driven and time & resources saving.


The developed comparison web application empowered its users (small and medium local financial institutions) with the ability to compete with the leaders.

With this big data comparison engine they are able to:

  1. save time and resources for market research;
  2. massage the data provided directly by real market leaders;
  3. get valuable insights and price recommendations;
  4. find market sweet spots fast and easy.


ASD team developed the web application with 12 modules for data comparison:

  1. deposit rates;
  2. mortgages;
  3. auto loans;
  4. treasury and cash management;
  5. private loans;
  6. secondary loans;
  7. liquid assets etc.

There’s also a possibility to use filters:

  1. by country;
  2. by state;
  3. by banks TOP10;
  4. by credit union etc.

Each solution module provides its clients with the following abilities:

  1. visualise the client’ company position against competitors including its threats and opportunities by using charts and tables (competitors landscape);
  2. view the analytics of company’s product against the competition;
  3. change data and record new rate sheets officially right in the application to get ALCO approval.

All data are processed within user’s (client’s) database.


.net, ASP .net web API, React/Redux, JS, Webpack, PostCSS, Jest, MSSQL

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