Big Data Search Engine for Mortgage Loans

Project Challenge

A USA fintech and research company approached ASD team to develop a Big Data search engine for one of their mortgage solutions.

The challenge was offering an ultimate user a search possibility to see the rates offered by the most popular lenders in the USA.

The client requested a search engine able to process as many parameters of mortgage loans as available from most lenders.

Big Data search engine widget had to:

  1. Include all parameters which are mentioned in rates, adjustments and matrices of loans.
  2. Process a huge amount of data in the shortest possible time providing the most relevant results.


  1. Currently the search engine performs 5+ mln queries per day.
  2. The search engine widget transformed to a standalone web-page with white labeling opportunity. This page was launched for LendingTree. The entire infrastructure was moved to AWS.
  3. Also API was launched for the client’s research services. It’s implemented at Yahoo and MSN as well and performs 1+ mln queries per day.


ASD team developed Big Data search engine based on approximately 100 parameters able to find the most relevant bank providing:

  1. the best loan rate for a user;
  2. the highest interest for a broker.

The major version of the solution was released as a web page containing a search form based on the key banks data.

The supplemental element of the solution was a widget (actually, a few variations of widget) providing a real-time information about loan rates from different banks. This widget lead to the web page with the advanced search options providing the information about a bank and payments details. Also, the advanced options gave the opportunity to benchmark a few banks on the chosen parameters.


PHP (Zend framework), JavaScript, .net, Java, MySQL, HTML/CSS, AWS hosting

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