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ASD team works hands-on with financial institutions (Finance, Insurance, Banking domains) and delivers its clients scalable omnichannel solutions for reaching their goals and bringing additional value to their businesses.

We were approached by a number of globally known companies to lead their projects. And this cooperation has continued ever since.

ASD team implements an effective mix of traditional and innovative technologies to deliver the tangible value to clients project and business.

Here's the scope of services we provide for Financial, Banking and Insurance institutions:

  • Custom Software Development and Maintenance;
  • Business Intelligence Solutions;
  • Data Aggregation / Collecting;
  • Big Data Analytics;
  • Re-engineering of Existing Solutions.

Our expertise within the abovementioned services:



  • Mortgage, Loans / Refinance online calculators - the ability to calculate various fees based on given parameters, possibility to feed necessary data, make a comparison with competitive lenders/Credit Unions, make changes to selected mortgage plan on the fly.


  • Car loans / leasing calculators
  • ERP- & CRM-systems - control working load, plans and reports, teams and members pages, notification systems


  • Insurance calculators
  • Individual insurance plan choosing guide (cars, healthcare and other)


  • For varied business domains - we offer services to collect necessary information while parsing, scraping, manual web surfing and phone calls.

Our Success Stories

Financial Institutions Price Comparison Engine

Financial Institutions Price Comparison Engine

The U.S. fintech company engaged ASD to develop a comparison engine for multiple financial institutions products prices.

The challenge was to provide different financial institutions with the opportunity to compete with the leading market players by using price comparison platform data. This engine is supposed to ease and fasten the initial price and conditions research and analysis for about 14000 U.S. local small and medium institutions.

Big Data Search Engine for Mortgage Loans

Big Data Search Engine for Mortgage Loans

A USA fintech and research company approached ASD team to develop a Big Data search engine for one of their mortgage solutions.

The challenge was offering an ultimate user a search possibility to see the rates offered by the most popular lenders in the USA. The client requested a search engine able to process as many parameters of mortgage loans as available from most lenders.

Innovative App for Video Industry

Innovative App for Video Industry

Our clients came up with the vision of a unified system of processing, storing, analyzing and further outputting video files. Their aim was to create a platform for the mutual benefit of those who possess some archives of media files and those who search for the proper video content.

ASD team developed Metatron, an innovative app for the video industry.

We elaborated Metatron service using Laravel (PHP) for processing large volumes of video materials by indexing their content through analysis of on-screen objects.

This app provides the opportunity for content owners to publish their content, and for customers to view all the available videos and order the picked ones.

An Online tool for Digital Banking Insights

Mapa Research: An Online tool for Digital Banking Insights

A Fintech research company challenged our team to create an online application that would help their clients find answers to vital questions about the Digital Banking market.

Digital Banking is a competitive market and financial institutions need to be able to understand a complete view of their customers’ user experience to remain relevant. Our client needed to help their customers improve their products and services and therefore market share. The challenge was delivering this functionality in a way that optimises the user experience and provides more specific, relevant data.

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